We are a company dedicated to advice and management in foreign trade, with 65 years of experience. We have our own teams, offices and warehouses in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and the United States.

Experts in integral solutions for the import, export and transit of merchandise, from the shipment in origin until its final delivery, complemented with specialized legal advice, IT solutions, in-house support, outsourcing and document management.


Specialized in land, sea, air and multimodal cargo with door to door service. Flexibility and specialized equipment to provide each client with efficient rates. Local presence in multiple points of South America and Miami as well as an international agent network.


Logistic operators of a wide network of own warehouses located in Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and the United States. We provide high expertise services in merchandise custody and stock management, in different free zones, fiscal areas, free ports and nationalized areas.


We offer domestic transportation services within the US, with the experience and sufficient support to guide you and meet the transportation needs of each industry, ensuring the efficiency and compliance of your shipments, with cargo logistics based in Miami.


Team work
The best solutions arise working together, understanding the differences and generating relationships and ideas based on trust and respect.

Quality and opportunity
We achieve satisfaction through innovation, closeness and agility. We create value by exceeding the expectations of our customers and team.

Integrity and objectivity
We are whole and serve our clients based on ethical principles. We act in such a way that they are reflected in every action and decision.

We are leaders with people and in ideas, inspiring and motivating others.


We developed a comprehensive strategy for recruiting the right talents for each area and level. We invest in training and in retaining teams that identify with our values.

Growth and investment

We are solid in Uruguay and abroad. We reinvest in client development, facilities and structure, towards a sustained growth.


We get certified for of our clients, thus making their activities faster, more agile and secure.


We provide resources and technological support to provide in-company solutions with high efficiency and guaranteed by our processes.


Reconfigured with specific improvements to keep them agile, efficient and safe for our teams and clients.


We transform knowledge into business technology, in constant alignment with the organization’s strategies and the performance expected by our clients.

Health and security

Jaume & Seré, Rilcomar and Jauser recognize that the protection of the health and safety of their employees and others involved in their operations, as well as the protection of the environment, are essential aspects to consider in our business activities and a central responsibility of management in all the levels of the Organization.

We aim to achieve zero injuries to our team, manage our organization responsibly and work to achieve the best international practices of HSSE.
HSSE is everyone’s responsibility and that everyone has an obligation to intervene to prevent unsafe behavior and reinforce good practices.

The safe conclusion of projects and the operation of the facilities is a key factor in the success of our business; we are not only interested in the final result but also the path taken to achieve it.

65 years

Founded in 1955, Jaume & Seré is proud to be the leading logistics company in Uruguay and highly recognized in the region.

At Jaume & Seré, we combine the diversity of services, the specialized structure and the competitiveness of a large company, with the flexibility and personalized advice of a family business.

Our corporate strategy is guided by the commitment to offer our clients reliable solutions in the field of foreign trade under the highest ethical standards.

We privilege honesty over any other value in our commercial operations, in our internal relations and with the community in which we are inserted. We grow every day, thanks to the referral of our customers satisfied with the work done.


We get certified for of our clients, thus making their activities faster, more agile and secure. Periodic audits ensure our teams work motivated and committed and customers can rely on our organization.

We have our own teams, offices and warehouses in the Americas and a large network of agents covering the main cities and ports of the world to provide comprehensive and competitive solutions in logistics operations.

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